Unsupported Grafcap device - SQR 6458

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When I try to run a custom developed SQR program, which has a bar chart, the error ”Unsupported Grafcap device –SQR 6458” was reported by the SQR engine.. Even when I tried with bar100.sqr program, which is a delivered SQR, the same error exists. Later I found the solution. There are three things to be considered while running any program with bar/pie/histogram etc.
c).SQR File Path


Stimages.dll is the library file needed to run any program with bar/pie/histogram etc .It is usually present in the PS_HOME directory. Check this file in the below path
This file is made available when you install PeopleTools. If it is not present in your PS_HOME try re-installing it.


There is an INI file called Libsti.ini that should be in the C:\WINDOWS directory on the machine that the SQR is being run on. The ini file contains certain settings that need to be valid in order to avoid this error and view the desired chart results. Below are the contents of the file. Make sure they are set correctly. If the Libsti.ini is not present in the directory manually create the file using the following parameter and save it as Libsti.ini.

c).SQR File Path

Bar100.sqr is the sample SQR program which is present in the PS_HOME\bin\sqr\ora\samplew directory. By running this file in this path results in same error. It should be placed in the binw directory as follows
After placing the custom SQR in this path it runs successfully.

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