Invoking web service method from peoplesoft


I need to consume a third party web service, one its method's input parameter is a byte array. I tried lot of ways to crack this, but i couldn't make it. Can any one please suggest me how to do this?....

Thanks in advance

Read XML data into PS record using File Layout/App Engine Peoplecode


I am reading an XML file using a file layout

I need to insert the data coming in this file into a PS staging record, the tag structure in the XML file has been mapped to the file layout which uses this staging record. However, I fail to understand how to proceed for fetching the data and inserting using App Engine peoplecode. In case of a CSV file, we split the data and pass it into an array for processing, but I am not really sure on what needs to be done on this case, any inputs on this would be of great help


Troubleshooting IB messages

Pardon me if i'm asking a very basic question but I do not have any experience in IB.

I just wanted to know what are all the basic steps in trouble shooting IB.

Here is the scenario: I have done a personal data change in HR8.9 and is successfully published (PERSON_BASIC_SYNC) but the same is not subscribed in CRM. I have checked all the configurations and it looks fine. Can anyone throw some light on this please?