How to get SPEEDCHART_KEY on Voucher Line process through CSV upload

I am loading Voucher/Invoice informatoin from CSV file to Voucher Staging tables. The load works fine, the client asked for new requirement to add the SPEEDCHART_KEY which is located on the VCHR_LINE_STG record. I see that it's loading to the table but when the voucher build process runs it omits it from the voucher_line. I believe the voucher_line.SPEEDCHART_KEY has FieldFormula peoplecode behind it...etc

Is there a way to make the SPEEDCHART_KEY remain on the voucher line?


Voucher upload

I need to upload vouchers of all kind in peoplesoft db but my delivered xml option doesnot work and need to have some patches applied. So we are planning to go for another customized option of creating a new CI and loading the voucher data into the staging tables of Vouchers so that by running the voucher build process we can upload the voucher data.

Has anyone worked on this earlier. any useful info would be great.