when Printing a paragraph with different lines in PDF format using a sqr, a box appear at each line break.

Hi, I am trying to print a paragraph taken from message catalog using a SQR and generate the report in pdf format. the value selected is having many lines like bulleted. but when it gets printed, the lines are not comming in seperate line, instead they come continously seperated by a box. while I generate the report in .lis format, it is coming in line by line. Pls let me know, how to remove the box and get the output as line by line

How to create a new folder form SQR

Hi all,

I have one requirement is that ,i have create a new folde in a specified location from SQR then i want to send the report output to that folder.

To send report out put i will us new-report command ,but how to create a new folder from the SQR?
Does it possible in SQR I don't know
can any one help me on this

Thanks in advance


Failing to read correct data using SQR

Hi Guys,

I am trying to load data from an xls file using an SQR into a custom table. The read command used in my sqr is returning some garbage values instead of the correct data.
The file that has to be loaded has a header followed by rows of data....The code looks like this
let #ctr = 1
while 1=1
read 1 into $recorddata:1000
let #ctr = #ctr +1
if (#end-file = 1)
if isblank(rtrim(ltrim($recorddata,' '),' '))
or substr($recorddata,1,6) = 'Emplid' or substr($recorddata,1,6) = 'EMPLID'

Convertion of bank file to PSBD format

Hi Iam working on converstion of bank file to PSBD format. I wrote a custom SQR to convert the file. But its still showing wrong format. I checked with the file layout also.

Did anybody worked on this before. If so can you please send me the SQR for this conversion process/.

Can On-Break Logic be used in writing csv files in SQR ?

I am using onbreak at two levels.The output in pdf files is proper.but when i try to put in csv files using Write command, the data gets repeated .
And if i use write command in onbreak procedures , then in the output of csv files ,the rows gets shifted .this shifting of the rows depend on data at which onbreak happens.

i am attatching the output of the csv file.

Suggest on this..

how to locate SQR Report output in a specified destination

Hi all,

I have one question in SQR .our client wants report output in a specified location .
and report name should be concatenated with current date(yyyymmdd) format.
is it possible to set path in SQR CODE or is there any other option is there?

thanks in advance


Peoplesoft sqrs

how to apply the colors to sqr pdf output,
will you please give me the detailed code

SQR in Report mode and Process Mode

Hello ,

I have to write a SQR in such a way that it needs to execut either in report mode or in process mode. I have to put a process flag on runcontrol page to choose the mode. If it is Process Mode it just needs to insert a row in JOB, BAS_ACTIVITY table based on some logic. If it is report mode it needs to generate CSV file. Please let me know is there any delivered sqr to look into or guide me how to achieve this task.
Thanks in Advance!

Print Image in SQR


I have a sqr report wherein I have to print the company's logo.
When I execute this in my machine , I am able to print the logo on the report.
But when I move it to the unix server / NT server and try executing it, then instead of the logo, I get a blank envelope-like box.

We are on Peopletools version 8.21 .

Appreciate all your help with this .

Let $ImagePath = 'C:\Mysqrs\new.jpeg'


SOURCE = $ImagePath

Regarding Error "SQR 6002) CANNOT OPEN THE PRINTER FILE: " in SQR

Hi All,

When I am running an SQR report in PSOS390, I am getting below error, any one please help me regarding the same.
As I am getting this error while generating PDF format.