Help with Security Script

I could really use someone's expertise knowledge, regarding security in PeopleSoft.

Tree Access

Hi All,

I have a peoplecode which adds departments automatically to the department security tree. This is done using Tree class. Now we need to give this functionality to a new set of users who don't have tree/tree manager access. I'm sure tree access is given via Definition Security. I have created a Group, added it to a permission list and assigned to the users via role. Now, when the peoplecode is triggered by these users tree saving is failed. I'm not sure why? I think i'm missing something in the definition security. Can anyone help me identify what is wrong?


How to configure security to be able to query JOB for future dated hire rows

Trying to query the JOB record for future effective dated new hires. Query Manager by default joins in record EMPLMT_SRCH_QRY and future hires do not appear in this records. Is there something that has to be done to security types? Been researching this for over a month and haven't been able to find an answer. I know there's a way. Much appreciated.