Query Manager Multi-Ethnicity Expression - Local Variable as Counter

Hello. I have just started using Case When Expressions in Query Manager, and I am trying to write an expression to assign a single "Final Ethnicity" to each student. Student ethnicity data is stored in a table with 1 row for each ethnicity. A student who reported 1 ethnicity will have one row of data. A student who reported asian, pacific, and white will have 3 rows of data.

Datetime difference between two timestamps excluding weekend(sat,sun) in SQL

I am currently taking the difference between two date time field to calculate the time taken in between the two steps.
Now I need to calculate the time difference excluding the weekend...IN SQL
Please help on this....

How to add Sub query as a field in PS Query?

I want to use a sub query as a field in PS Query.. How to do this??

Ex: Select emplid,empname,(select sysdate from dual) from employee;

Query Expression: Using an aggregate in a CASE statement

Hi All, I'm trying to create a query with the PeopleSoft Query Builder tool that tells the user if someone has adequate role security access to function properly within PeopleSoft. The query uses an aggregate expression to count the number of roles a user has (included as a column in the query). If the user has the maximum number of roles required, the query should display message 1: "PS Security is sufficient". Anything less than the max number of rows should show message 2: "Security Update Required".

PS Query - Need the SQL to create a REPLACE statement

I am still learning how to build and manipulate queries within PeopleSoft and I'm certainly no expert with SQL, but I am looking to find the correct statement to have the query look at a person's years of service with the company (which is calculated using an expression) and when the person's years of service are 5, 10, 15, 20 years, I need the query to return a character, such as *, in a separate field. I cannot build this into the criteria because I do not want to exclude those rows of data where the years of service are other than 5, 10, 15 and so on.

Problem with query


I have a problem with a query in a delivered SQR which looks some thing like this
where ;

Could any help me understand how the From clause works here

Many Thanks,

How to configure security to be able to query JOB for future dated hire rows

Trying to query the JOB record for future effective dated new hires. Query Manager by default joins in record EMPLMT_SRCH_QRY and future hires do not appear in this records. Is there something that has to be done to security types? Been researching this for over a month and haven't been able to find an answer. I know there's a way. Much appreciated.