Select most recent (as on current date) active address among HOME, MAIL

Need a small help in SQL

I need a SQL in which it will return the most active date address between HOME and MAIL address

Like if Address table has two rows

01/01/2009 HOME
02/02/2009 MAIL
It will return most recent address i.e MAIL as is most recent address

But if both MAIL and HOME address are of same effective date it should return just MAIL address.

02/02/2009 HOME
02/02/2009 MAIL
Result should be MAIL address

Can any one please help me with that and I am on DB2 how to return mail address when Effective dates are same ?

AE-CI Error

I am trying to run an AE which uses a CI (Customised CI for a delivered component) to load data into PS. While running the AE following happens
1. Sometimes the job runs without issue
2. Occationally it runs to "No success" - with the error message of "Page load failed for SAVINGS_PLANS/GBL. (15,60)"
3. But whenever this error comes, and if we try running the AE again, it runs to success without issues.
4. When this error comes, only the first row does not get processed and the rest of the rows gets processed.

Sending Meeting Request from Peoplesoft


I would like to send a meeting request from peeoplecode.
I am aware of sending the .ics attachement in an email, but i would like to directly send as a meeting request instead of an attachement in email.
Let me know if there is any windows/unix command to send the meeting request by reading the parameters from the .ics file.


Item Conversion

Hi Lepa,

I have to Convert PS Inventory Master Items from Legacy( Excel files) into peoplesoft 9.1.

Are there any staging tables i can populate so Item Loader process can pick up those and insert items into target component.

I know there are two excel to CI sheets but we can't use that because of Volume & performance constraint.

Please help.


invalid userid and password for sigon while log into the Application designer

invalid userid and password for sigon while log into the Application designer,but i am able to log into the datamover without any problem.

Multiple tabs in excel through SQR

Hello guys,
I have read some answers here on how to make an SQR that will create an output in Excel format.
But my problem is I also need the Excel file to have multiple tabs for the different deptid levels in the report . Has anyone of you done this before?
I am thinking of putting everything first in one tab/file and then do a macro in Excel to create the separate spreadsheets. But I want to know first if it is possible to do that in SQR?

PeopleSoft Ci

"A component can make use of many CI's but a single CI maynot be used for multiple components"


plz explain......................

CI geting ERROR while running

(17100,118) - User not authorized for this Employee or Profile is Inactive or Invalid (17100,118)
(91,24) - Error loading Component Processor {TE_EXPENSE_SHEET_CI} (91,24)
Create failed (0,0) TM_EX_MSATAE.MAIN.GBL.default.1900-01-01.Step01.OnExecute PCPC:1800 Statement:32
This is the error I am getting While I execute the CI through AE.
Please help me out.

AWE in peoplesoft


Can anyone tell me how i can setup AWE for my bolt on application. I am new to AWE and didn't know ABCD of AWE in peoplesoft. I have gone throught red paper by oracle, but didnt find more help in that. Pls help me out or provide me some doc where i can really get help to setup it.

Thank you..

Vikas bhardwaj


Dear Readers,

So for I didn't get any answer to the below question. Hence I make this as a forum discussion topic. In case if any one faced the same issue pls do share your thoughts.

Any idea How to use Adjust Page Layout for Hidden fields in tools version 8.49?

When I checked this check box I got my page with out any space between the non hidden fields. I am unable to give space between the non hidden fields when the Adjust Page Layout for Hidden fields property is checked.

If any one else faced the same issue, pls do share your experiece with me.