CI inserting extra 3 blank rows with today's EFFDT while insering tow rows in to delievered table

CI inserting extra 3 blank rows with today's EFFDT while insering tow rows in to delievered table

hi this is my code,my target is to run the CI to insert the rows from cloned table to delieverd table,while inserting only for the following code it inserts an blank row with todays effdt don kno y please help,below is my code

rem ***** Set/Get VNDR_ADDR_SCROL Collection Field Properties -- Parent: PS_ROOT Collection *****;

PeopleSoft Crystal Report Error

Hi All,

When I'm running the Crystal process, it ran into an error stating- Not enough bind values: 6 is/are required but 3 was/were supplied.

The Crystal query is having only 3 binds- Emplid,Begin-dt,End-dt
In Crystal process definitions,in override options, i gave 3 parameters

for the parameter list. Still I'm getting the same error. Also earlier,we applied a peopletools patch 8.49.29.

Can any one please shed some light on this.


Filling data into an instance of a record created by CreateRecord method.

Hi All,
I am creating a instance of a Record which is in the database using the createRecord function.Now i want to fill this instance with the values which are in the database.
For a rowset we can use .Fill method but how is it done with the record that is got by createrecord method??

Looking for PeopleSoft Testing related blogs/forum

I am seeing a lot of blogs and forums dedicated to PeopleSoft Developer and Functional resources. But I did not find any blog or forum where I can find PeopleSoft Testing related issues and solution.

If anybody have this information I will appreciate his/her knowledge sharing.


SQR NEW-REPORT and the internal page counter reset

I have an SQR program that produces 2 reports, which I would like to use NEW-REPORT to dynamically name the output. The output is generated for each report simultaneously, meaning I have to write to each report with each record in the query. I don't write one report, finish it, then write the second.

I've read elsewhere that NEW-REPORT will reset the internal page counter on the reports when executed. I think this is why my output is only giving me one record, as opposed to my sample of 3.

data stage

we have a i want to find out the jobs that are using particular record in data stage(for example ps_job)

Tables involved in Removing a User ID

I need to find out all the tables that will be affected when a deletion of User ID happens in peoplesoft
I know there are 2 ways these are done in Peoplesoft
1. Via Security - Delete user profiles
2. Via Security - Purge inactive user profiles
(The second, involves a AE and we can find the related tables there)
I have also planned to do a "find definition referrnece" for the file - OPRID in app designer.
Are there any other ways in which we can find the tables.
If someone could help me with list of tables involved also, it would help me a lot.

Using InsertRow Function for copying values from one rowset to another.

Hi All,
I am working with rowsets for my current requirement and trying to insert values from one rowset to another. I have a rowset which gets values one row at a time from a fileLayout,inside a While Loop. And i am trying to insert this Values into another Rowset which must consist of all the values that comes from the file. It might be clear from the example below.

&rsRepDtlsTmp = CreateRecord(Record.RECORD1);
&rs1 = CreateRowset(Record.RECORD1);
While &rsFile <> Null

new-report - what happens if filename already exists

if the filename I choose for my report already exists in the directory, what happens when new-report is executed. Does it create a new file, does it append to the current file, does it do nothing??????

Change a delivered error code

Hi all,

I'm working with Tools Release 8.22.09, and Application Release HRMS Please don't laugh, we're trying to upgrade.

I'm in the delivered component for Direct Deposit, and I have a field in the record marked "Required", it's a drop down populated from xlat values, but instead of triggering the delivered error code when unselected:

Highlighted fields are required. (15,30)

It calls the error code:

Field is required: (124,64)