Validation on Entering Value in Timesheet Page Against Certain TRCs

I want to do a validation that the user should not be allowed to make an entry in the timesheet page on weekday against a weekend TRC and vice-versa.

So can you please help me with the same? How to proceed for this?

Set up resume template

I set up resume template and have content type in resume. I try apply job in candidate gateway. The first time it show template according to my set up but I try second time it don't show template same first. It doesn't show content type. Such as The first I can fill Language Skills(content type) but I apply the second time Language Skills field don't show on that resume. How can I do this?

Referential Integrity process in PeopleSoft

What is Referential Integrity process in PeopleSoft. I saw in one of the PeopleSoft HRMS materials "If you change the holiday schedule associated with a workgroup, the Referential Integrity process will trigger Time Administration to process any time affected by the change in holiday schedule".

Can someone please explain what is this process and what it does?

Uploading more than 1 files on a page

My users want a page with 3 upload buttons, helping them upload 3 types of files to different URL destinations.

I'm not sure how i should do this (or is it possible). They just want the files to be uploaded to the file server so that from another page, other users can download the files by clicking a link.

As I see there is a built-in function using a sub-record which I will need to include in my primary record, I'm not sure how the 3 buttons/ files can be relating to a single sub-record. Can anyone help please? Thanks in advance.

how can i fetch a field value from another level and scroll in the same page???

hi, everybody, first that all, excuses for my bad english... im a junion analist, and i have to make a modification in a original peoplesoft page, the client want to put in the page 2 new fields one of them to select item witholding transaction, and the other one to enter the number of the witholding voucher, i did those, and i store it in a record made by myself, but now, they want to gray or ungray those new field depending the selection of a checkbox placed in the level 0 scroll of the page.

javascript code associated with VIEW ALL / FIRST / LAST / NEXT / PREVIOUS links in a scroll area or a grid

On clicking VIEW ALL / FIRST / LAST / NEXT / PREVIOUS links in a scroll area or a grid, a javascript function with parameters of hviewall / htop / hend / hdown / hup is called respectively.
(reference :-

So can we catch hold when any of this button is clicked on the grid? Do we have any event or any other thing associated with this?

Update statement to change SSN(Social Security Number) no in PeopleSoft:

Hi Folks,

Can anybody help me what will be the update statement for SSN no format change.I am giving you the example in below:
Existing SSN in PeopleSoft--- 830-75-6027.

SSN should be updated to 000-75-6027.

kindly help me to write the update statement on it.
Table name: PS_PERS_NID

Thanks in advance.

Voucher upload

I need to upload vouchers of all kind in peoplesoft db but my delivered xml option doesnot work and need to have some patches applied. So we are planning to go for another customized option of creating a new CI and loading the voucher data into the staging tables of Vouchers so that by running the voucher build process we can upload the voucher data.

Has anyone worked on this earlier. any useful info would be great.


How to check if the field value is changed for derived/work record fields using people code.


In HR Self Service Time Reporting,the weekly time grid has the derived/ work record fields capturing hours.

The requirement is that when an employee report the time,he should hit the apply rules button. In a situation,when he want to change the number of hours reported or the trc,a warning must be displayed to hit the apply rules button. Im not able to check if the field value is changed through people code as all are the derived/work record fields. Can any one suggest how to achieve this my code looks like this.


Cases don't disappear from work list regarding adhoc salary changes

Cases regarding Ad hoc salary changes will not disappear for other users in the work list when the administrator has handled the case and clicked on the 'Mark Worked' button. Also it should disappear once the administrator clicks on the 'Save' button, instead i have to click the 'Mark Worked' button.