Duplicate row errors

How can v check for duplicate rows in a record?

print the image in sqr

Hi all.
i would like to print the image in every page in the SQR. Could you tell me how to do this?

declare-image sample
this will print image in the main page but i want to print the image in each page.

component prebuild question

in self service, I navigate Self Service >>> Degree Progress/Graduation >>> My Academic Requirements

there is no user interruption....but I need to insert into a table before the component pre-build is complete and the page is displayed.
I get no insert/updates allowed in prebuild. I tried to "call app engine".....but get "sql update occured...." error.

Is there a way that I can trick the prebuild.....OR....perform my select/insert PRIOR to the prebuild firing?

thanks for any suggestions.

Issue using Dynamic Views..


I created a dynamic view as a prompt table (no edit) on a record. I am using the below rowinit peoplecode below to populate the dynamic view but I am continually seeing no values found when I click on the field prompt I am trying to populate. Can someone see anything I missed?

Thanks in advance for your assistance..
- Maria

RowInit Peoplecode:

Local string &SQLSTRING;
Local SQL &sqltext;

Function set_institution_prompt();

remove component from folder


any one can know me how can remove my registered component from front-end ,is there any navigation for that plz know me......

How to get the list of tables having specific field as key.


Can anybody help me out with the sql to get the list of tables having specific field as key in the entire database.

ex: In HCM I want to find the list of tables having EMPLID as key field.

Thanks in advance,


Peoplesoft Finance

I am new to Peoplesoft Finance.
I want to know the how data will flow into General ledger.
i.e from AR to GL, AP to GL.
please help me regarding that if it possible give me the Imp table names for each Module.

Kiran Kumar

PSFT Authentication token failed for Node PSFT_HR


When i ping my local node i am getting the error as "PSFT Authentication token failed for Node PSFT_HR". Can any please help in this regard.

I have also added my the local node in the navigation :- PeopleTools -> Security --> Security Objects --> Single Singon. Even then i am getting the above error.

Difference between bolt on tables and delivered tables

Hi Can any body please tell me how to find out which record is a bolt on and which is delivered. e.g. if in PSRECDEFN or in any other record , any field through which this can be analyzed?

Function to return a date 'X' number of business days forward

Can anyone tell me what's wrong with this function please?

/*Function to return a date a specified number business days from an input date */
Function getBusinessDays(&inputDate, &numDays) Returns date
/* Date variable to hold future date to be returned */
Local date &futureDate;

/* SQL Statement to return future date */