Customisation in oracle peoplesoft online signin page

There is a customisation where i have to display message "You have made two unsuccesful login attempts and you may lock your account.Please click 'forgot password" to avoid your account from getting locked." instead of the normal message "Your userid or password is invalid".
How do i achieve this.......Please suggest an approach

Execute stored procedure from SQR

I have a stored procedure that must do insert on link server, I have the following code that execute the stored procedure:

Begin-SQL On-Error=SQL-Error
EXECUTE SP_JDEEmployee $Emplid $Name $JDE-Julian

I get the following error on executing the SQR

SQL Status = 16954, SQL Error = [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0][SQL Server]Executing SQL directly; no cursor.

Suggest an approach to add two fields in a delivered subpage.

Suggest an approach to add two fields in a delivered subpage.
> This subpage is used in 6 different pages.
> I want this change (two new fields) in only one page and not in other pages.

migrate project

hi all,
can any one give the steps to migrate a project in application designer.
means in the steps wise.
thank u all,

Add Attachment

When I do an Add Attachment I get the following error:

Service FileAttach FAILED due to missing SQL commit

row level security

example of Row level security needed.
How can I implement this ,manager acesses all the emplids pages and
employee acess his own page only.

triggering the push buton to delete opration

hi all,

i need to delete the existing value from the database in a page by clicking on button.
so where i shd write a code to perform this operation..
and in which event i shd write a peoplecode.

please give me the suggestions soon as much as possibe.
thank u al.

ps campus solutions 8.9


I need the info for setting the data in campus solutions. the scenario is i hv created wsdl of application status through Ib and got the response. Pblm is there are no values for the field names,so need to set the data in pia. But i dont know where to create application status. m just able to view the application status those are already created.

Please let me know how to create the application status of my own in pia. Any suggestions would be appreciated .

Thanks in advance

no current buffer context error

Local Record &Rec;
&Rec = CreateRecord(Record.LNT_EMPREC_970);
LNT_EMPREC_970.LNT_DATE_970 = &bb.shift();
LNT_EMPREC_970.LNT_NAME1_970 = &bb.shift();
LNT_EMPREC_970.LNT_DEPARTMENT_970 = &bb.shift();
LNT_EMPREC_970.LNT_ADDRESS1_970 = &bb.shift();
LNT_EMPREC_970.LNT_PHONE1_970 = &bb.shift();


application package peoplecode

please share the application package code for resquest and response messages