PeopleCode Reference to Invalid Record or Field in SYSAUDIT

Record peoplecode in two fields were added in upgrade tab of a project but later these fields were replaced by new fields.This project was migrated to higher environments without deleting the two peoplecode.Hence during a sysaudit in an higher environment it showed "PeopleCode Reference to Invalid Record or Field".

Now the solution suggested was to change the action for the peoplecode to "Delete" and then migrate it so that it would get reflected in higher environments but we deleted the two peoplecodes from the project and saved it.

PeopleTools 8.5.xx Change Size of Prompt Dialoges

Hi PeopleSofties,

is there anyone knowing how to change standard size of new prompt dialog windows that appear since PeopleTools 8..5.xx ?

Thanks a lot !


Crystal report process going to error

When running the crystal report in peoplesoft,the process is ending in error and displaying a message "Process Request shows status of 'INITIATED' or 'PROCESSING' but no longer running".
Please suggest.

Excel toCI error during loading

While loading data through ExceltoCI Iam getting an error :
Invalid value-Press the button or hyperlink for a list of valid values (15,11)
Error changing value. (TR_WIRE_PNLG_2_CI.TR_WR_DETAIL910.BANK_ID_QUAL) .(91,34)
But i could load the data through the CI tester.

The field "BANK_ID_QUAL" which is getting the error is depended on another field "COUNTRY" for its prompt values.I even tried changing the order of the fields in the excel sheet but no results.

Please Suggest...

SQR path

I would like to know the navigation path for a SQR. i mean menu of it when i have sqr name. please help me with this

peoplesoft subscription contracts

I'm facing an issue in integration broker i.e; For one particular asynchronous service,publishing status is done and subscription status struck to NEW. We tried some alternatives..Please if anyone knows how to resolve the issue can suggest the points..

Thanks in advance.

FTE can not be greater than 1.0

Hi All,

I have a requirement to throw an error when the FTE value greater than 1.0. Another requirement is to throw an error when std hours is greater than sal admin plan std hours. Please help, how to write code and which event I need to write code for the require ment

Thanks in Advance

data migration from 8.0 version to 9.1 version

hi all,

we are reimplementing the hrms 9.1 version from hrms 8.0 version.
i need to upload data from personel data records in 8.0 version to 9.1 version.
can any one suggest me to which method is better to upload data.
thank you.

How to avoid row level security and populate the grid in peoplesoft.

I have a problem in populating the gird because of row level security.

Custom component which has PSROLEDEFN_SRCH as search record.
In my actual page I have PSROLEDEFN (ROLENAME (K)) record as parent. My custom child record has following field ROLENAME (K),OPRCLASS(K) and RTE_CNTL_PROFILE(K).

If I select a role name from the search record it displays only one set of OPRCLASS.
EX, if the user X has primary permission list XPrmsn for the Role XRole.
X has multiple permissionlist in the table(custom). but only XPrmsn get populated in the grid.

PeopleSoft termination Process

This is my scenario..
Employee wants to quit the company and informed the same to hr. Hr has discussed the so n so with employee , accepts his resignation and gave notice period for 3 months. During the 3 months employee hv to work for company and the same time he has to clear all the benifits to the company. If the employee decides to stay back in the same company during notice period. he can withdraw his resignation., so that in peoplesoft employee should be hired again.

For the above scenario. what is the process should i do?? someone please help me.. I'm new to this module...