Image in PSQuery

I want to print signatures of user printing the report on the crystal report. When i tried to query a table having image field in PS query it shows Database driven error.Is there a way to achieve this.Signatures willl be stored as gif in database.How do i get them.Please suggest



While saving my component from PIA I am getting the following error

Field is Required: Recoed Name.Field Name(124,64)

Please let me know if any body having the solution for this error


Need Code Or Logic in Order to Zip Attachments to store in FTP Server

To prototype a function to compress the file attachments when users upload invoices via the ePayment Requisition page which is a custom page. It is expected that this will save approximately 25% of file space on the server.

The compression function should be transparent to the user, so it is expected that the user should not need to perform any additional steps in compressing or decompressing the file.
The upload function, including compression, should work as follows:
When uploading a file:
• Click “Attach File”
• Browse for file to attach, click “Upload”

deinstall modules in PeopleSoft

Hi ,

We currently have AP,PO,PC,AM and GL modules in PeopleSoft. However, the client has decided to deinstall 3 modules in the system. They are planning to have only AM and GL modules. So, for saving the license renewal costs the client has decided to deactivate the other modules in the system.

Error while saving Voucher

I am getting an error while saving Voucher

Ship From Country is required. (9060,312)
You must supply this field in order for VAT default values to be obtained.

Please help me with this.I am very much confused as to which field I need to populate to avoid this error.

santosh asking que

As we know we can write peoplecode on component record level or component level and component record field level my question is which will trigger first. Please reply me with solution


component interface

i want to insert new values into record through ci .give the separate code for insert and update.what about keys get create.give brief explanation with examples

Sub query in ps query

Hi All,

I wrote a query in ps-query. In tat, i used to write a subquery along with the main query, but i cant join the sub-query along with the main query. Kindly do the needful. Thanks in advance.

USER PROFILE search is stuck at PSOPRDEFN_SRCH record

I have recently upgraded my sytem from 8.45 to 8.51 with application to 9.1. Whenever I am trying to search a user on USER PROFILE search page, It takes lot of time to retrieve the data, I have checked by applying the trace that it is stuck at PSOPDEFN_SRCH record...Please suggest

How to export the data in multiples tables data in multiple sheets in single excel .

i want to export data in multiple sheet in single excel work book