CI code

Hi all,

iam new to component interface technology and i have theoratical idea on CI.
can any body send me code import the data from text file databse records using file layout.

please tell me some of the existing CI names in peoplesoft HRMS

Thanks in advance

loading data through sqr to csv file

Hi all,

i have one business requirement that i have stored default value 000 into one variable.
when iam trying to load this data through sqr into a csv file value is loaded as single 0 instead of 000
is there any solution load the value 000 into csv .
the code is below
let $var='000'
when i print this in csv file the output is single 0 instead of 000

and i have tried below also
let $var=''''||'000' output is '000

but my requirement is to get the value 000

please let me know if there is any solution

its an urgent requirement



I need to upload vouchers using delivered EXCELUPLOADFORVOUCHER.xls template. This template(excel sheet) takes the values provided in the data sheet and pass thouse values to Voucher_build application message, and populates staging tables to run voucher build process.

I have setup the Integration broker, but the excel template is failing to pass the XML to the voucher_build message with error message as

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
Integration Broker Response

Finding Page in PIA if you know the page name

How can we find page in PIA if we know the page name (thru application Designer)

fetching message text from message catalog in SQR

I need to fetch message text from message catalog using an sqr,

using the peopletool table psmsgcatdefn, i am able to fetch the message text, but i dont know how to pass the parameters, as a result the message text is obtained with bind symbol
ex: Translate value not found in %1 table.

Is there any other method where we can pass the parameters as well to fetch the message text using sql as in peoplecode using function getmsgtext(setnumber,msgnumber,&parameter1,&parameter2..)???

Unicode in PeopleSoft without converting all the database

We are looking for a way that we can store Unicode characters, in our PeopleSoft, Oracle application, without going thru a full database conversion to Unicode. We tried creating a table with NVARCHAR2 fields, instead of VARCHAR2, and created a screen to enter the data into. But, we cannot get the application to store the data correctly. Has anyone else tried anything like this?

Instr function in SQR