Vouchers not being picked up by PayCycle

I have a custom process that creates single payment vouchers from a csv file. The load to the voucher staging tables ( PS_VCHR_HDR_STG, PS_VCHR_LINE_STG, PS_VCHR_DIST_STG, PS_VCHR_VNDR_STG) load with no problem. When the PayCycle Selection Criteria is ran it doesn't pick up any of the records.

I have verified the following:

The bank information is correct
Vendor not on payment hold
Voucher not on hold or inactive
Voucher is approved

Default the value on Look up Page,when I click on prompt button on the page.


I have a prompt field on the page,when I click on the prompt button.
I want to see the default value

on look up page.

MY Approaches(BUT IT FAILURE):
1) Default the value on the record field properties of this record. Tries this bus does not work. Even after setting this, the prompt table field does not get defaulted on the search page.
How do we default this field value on the page?


How to get SPEEDCHART_KEY on Voucher Line process through CSV upload

I am loading Voucher/Invoice informatoin from CSV file to Voucher Staging tables. The load works fine, the client asked for new requirement to add the SPEEDCHART_KEY which is located on the VCHR_LINE_STG record. I see that it's loading to the table but when the voucher build process runs it omits it from the voucher_line. I believe the voucher_line.SPEEDCHART_KEY has FieldFormula peoplecode behind it...etc

Is there a way to make the SPEEDCHART_KEY remain on the voucher line?


prompt table

I have a prompt table with 5 columns, I want to use it for a field on my UI page, but in drop down it should show only the values from a definite column. so please help me.

Only one row is being inserted in voucher stg tbls

I am trying to load the follow staging tables with invoice information but it only loads the first row then it posts as completed successfully.


I have the initial invoice info in Table CUST_INVOICE_INFO info includes PO information.
I start with DO SELECT - selecting all fields in the CUST_INVOICE_INFO table
then I go to PeopleCode action

Local Record &APHeader = CreateRecord(Record.VCHR_HDR_STG);
&APHeader.BUSINESS_UNIT.Value = "US001";
&APHeader.VCHR_BLD_KEY_C1.Value = "DORBU";

Unable to change hiring manager

We are trying to update the hiring manager to reflect Christopher McKee emplid ID 114586. The original job requisition has been updated to reflect him as the hiring manager and the offer pulls his id through on the offer details of the offer But the approval chain in the job offer approvers section of the offer is showing Ken Westphal as the hiring manager and does not allow for edits to change this. What is the navigation for the same? What should be my approach to the issue?

How to insert multiple rows in grid by using secondary page

How to insert multiple rows in grid by using secondary page

AWE - Transaction is in XREF, but not in the PS Workflow Tables

I am new to AWE. We have a custom AWE which was created for us by a contractor and we're not supporting it.

The issue is that the transaction request is in the header table and in the XREF table. Keys populated correctly. But the thread ID from that xref table does not exist in eoaw_stepinst; consequently, not in eoaw_userinst. This particular transaction should have a step to approve, and that step is not there. On the transaction page, it says, "No Approvals Required", which should not be the case.

Peoplesoft Payables fin2055 report

We created a voucher with a specific payment.Then we posted the voucher and cancelled the payment with 'reissue' option.Finally while running the fin2025 report,this payment id is coming in the report.Will cancelled payments come in FIN2025 report?

Additional details:


How to add Sub query as a field in PS Query?

I want to use a sub query as a field in PS Query.. How to do this??

Ex: Select emplid,empname,(select sysdate from dual) from employee;