Hi ,
I need to display STATE field values as Pmopt table.
I tried STATE_TBL as Prompt table and in Page proerties --->Prompt table Field as DESCR,
But,whenever select (drag) drop down list of STATE,there is no value in drop down list.

Help me plzz...

PeopleSoft payables 9.1 do STOP payments on checks remain in unreconciled status

When we STOP a check a certain record "66" goes out to our bank ,
then we get a file back indicating a void or cancel ,,, it should process in app-engine delivered FSPRECON , yet my payment remains in unreconciled status ....
Should they be .... or is something missing , as they were stopped they are technically unreconciled .... but VOIDS are marked as reconciled "real time" .... Does anyone know what in their system STOP payments woudl be in regards to RECON_STATUS on the payment_tbl ? Thanks.


Can you please explain " Local %metadata:XMLPubRptMgr:RptTmpl &oInfo;" how to study this? i don't have any idea related %metadata.
it will be very helpful if you would like to share knowledge regarding this.

Failed to get the Component Interface Error

Hello, we seem to have an issue on the odd occasion with an integration message where it cannot find the keys to update the chartfield value. This process is working correctly for 98% of transactions for a variety of chartfields. This is the error we are getting.

No rows exist for the specified keys. {DEPT_CF} (91,50)
No rows exist in the database with the specified keys.

Allow User to Browse for File on Local File System with name greater than 64 characters

The AddAttachment function limits the user to files with names no longer than 64 characters long. I have a user thatinsists they must use longer file names when uploading the file into our system. Unfortunately, there is no way to reconfigure the AddAttachment parameters to allow for a longer file name. How can I just display the same windows open file dialog pop-up dialog (as is displayed using AddAttachment) and then manipulate the file behind the scenes? Or can I trick the AddAttachment to return the file name even if it is too long?

PeopleSoft invoice amount vs payment amount

Hi ...
Anyone knows the query to check if the paid amount is more than the invoice amount?

I think I need to look at PYMNT_VOUCHER_XREF first to get to VOUCHER and PAYMENTS table. Then check if PAYMENT_TBL.PYMNT_AMT > VOUCHER.GROSS_AMT ... Is this the correct way get the information I need?


Thank you



I have created a PSQUERY with same name on different databases (fin91 and fin92) with different criteria.So suppose if i run psquery 'X' in database 'FIN91' the result will give 8 and if i run psquery 'X' in database 'FIN92' the result will give 100.

Using 'RUNTOFILE' command i am able to get the result of database FIN92 into a file.But how to get the result of database FIN91 into a file using 'runtofile' command?

Please give me sample peoplecode for this.

Note: Dblink is created but not getting how to use it in 'RUNTOFILE' command.

Please help


can we append elements of one array with a different array which is not empty in peoplesoft?

can we append elements of one array with a different array which is not empty in peoplesoft?

As I have two arrays with different values and i want to append all the values of 2nd array into 1st array (after 1st arrays elements). is this possible?

AE PeopleCode FileLayout

I am using the automatic AE Peoplecode generated with File Layout. I need to add a function to check the Date field because the layout is expecting MM/DD/YYYY but sometimes, the date is M/D/YYYY.

In the ImportSegment fuction, after statement "If (EditRecord(&REC2)) Then"

I added the following:

Evaluate &REC2.GetField(&I).Type
When = "DATE"
If &REC2.GetField(&I).Name = "COVERAGE_BEGIN_DT" Then
MessageBox(0, "", 0, 0, " **** Field Type = " | &REC2.GetField(&I).Name | "**** ");

Date calculations in peoplecode

given a date How do I write a date function or peoplecode functionality to return the 1st business date.