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Only one row is being inserted in voucher stg tbls

I am trying to load the follow staging tables with invoice information but it only loads the first row then it posts as completed successfully.


I have the initial invoice info in Table CUST_INVOICE_INFO info includes PO information.
I start with DO SELECT - selecting all fields in the CUST_INVOICE_INFO table
then I go to PeopleCode action

Local Record &APHeader = CreateRecord(Record.VCHR_HDR_STG);
&APHeader.BUSINESS_UNIT.Value = "US001";
&APHeader.VCHR_BLD_KEY_C1.Value = "DORBU";

field edit issue

Error ("Override Period must be between 1 and 13. Please adjust your Override Period entry.");

does not except values other than 1 and 13. I am confused

transfer to a page without search record at target component

I have created one page where I am trying to get item balance for a perticular customer as we does on the customer account overview. after clicking on this balance it sud transfer to item list page but since item list page doesnt have any search record, I am not able to access the item list page with required data.

Please let me know how transfer from one page to another page ( indifferent component ) in such situation

Read the data from filelayout and inserted using component interface

Hi ,
Can any one help me on this issue
Read the data using Filelayout(csv) and inserted through the component interface.

Peoplesoft Dynamic prompt table

Hi All,

I have a page having fields namely Institution,Academic Year,Stream ,Term begin dt,Term End Dt fields respectively.
Requirement is that based upon the values of Institution,Academic Year,Stream field values the fields Term begin dt,Term End Dt should be dynamically prompted.

I created a dynamic view which selects the Institution,Academic Year,Stream ,Term begin dt,Term End Dt
fields from PS_TERM_TBL.

I wrote the peoplecode in the field change of
Stream field Field Change. But im not able to get the dynamic data from the prompt table. My Peoplecode goes like this

Populate grid with psaudit

i have a report with grid ,where i have to populate the gird with psaudit fields...

Can u help me out to how to load the grid with psaudit tabel changes

Using InsertRow Function for copying values from one rowset to another.

Hi All,
I am working with rowsets for my current requirement and trying to insert values from one rowset to another. I have a rowset which gets values one row at a time from a fileLayout,inside a While Loop. And i am trying to insert this Values into another Rowset which must consist of all the values that comes from the file. It might be clear from the example below.

&rsRepDtlsTmp = CreateRecord(Record.RECORD1);
&rs1 = CreateRowset(Record.RECORD1);
While &rsFile <> Null

peoplesoft pages

What will be the reason if a page opens more than once in peoplesoft when you click on it once?