PeopleSoft - AppEngine

AppEngine Performance issue

Hi All,

One of our jobs that consist AE was taking 10 minutes earlier and now a days it is taking 35 +minutes to get completed.

The SQL it is getting stuck at "ANALYZE TABLE %Table(REC1_TAO) COMPUTE STATISTICS".
Can you let me know what I can do to tune SQL and performance?

We have tried to use %UpdateStats(REC1_TAO,high) but not working, tried to check Indexing aswell no luck.

PS ver 8.9
Tool: 8.48


PeopleSoft Tree Manager


we are facing an error while deleting child node in Tree Manager, the page automatically timout occured. we increased service timout parameter but did not help to us.

we verified application server logs find an error like :


can not convert type Boolean to object type ApiObject.(180,604) PSTREEMGRFUNCS.FUNCLIB.FieldFormula Name:checkAPEEMGRUNCS.TREECTLEVENT.FieldChange Name:DeleteNode

can any one know the issue.

Sendmail Function In Peoplecode Not Sending Email

Hello !!

I'm sending the sample code through page and Application Engine. It's working fine with page although when run the code in AE process goes in Processing state for undefined time.

Does anyone know how to resolve this?

Local number &MAIL_FLAGS;

&MAIL_TO = "email-address-message-going-to";
&MAIL_CC = "";
&MAIL_BCC = "";
&MAIL_SUBJECT = "Test email";
&MAIL_TEXT = "Sending an email from PeopleCode.";

generic application engine file attachment program steps


anybody ca help me regarding how to write application engine file attachment program in generic way


Insert hire rows in JOB Data without using CI

I Would like insert hire data in JOB Data component without using SQL.
Could you pls provide insert SQLs for this?

File layout


I have to import data from a csv file which contains the header as a date. And the body contains the details of the transactions.The footer contains the count of the number of rows processed in transaction. I have to load the header in Table 1 and validate whether the date matches with the system date .And the transactions data in a separate table 2 and the footer into the table 3 and have to validate whether the total count of the transactions matches with the footer . Please help me out.

To load 1000 rows using application engine

I want to load 1000 rows from a record using app engine.
It shud not stop for errors.
The process shud display error in log and continue processing.
How to achieve this?Kindly help me.

running from sqr in peoplecode callappengine function

Hi guys,

I am running sqr from peoplecode callappengine function the following error will come"unable to open fileindex" can anyone help..


Application Engine inbound program


Can you please send application engine inbound program code(without filelayouts)


Application Engine Error

i am getting the below error while running Application Engine Program .

Could you tell me what would be the reason ....

File: E:\pt84920b-retail\peopletools\SRC\PSAPPENG\aebuf.cppSQL error. Stmt #: 574 Error Position: 0 Return: 8010 - [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0][SQL Server]Invalid column name 'PROCESS_INSTANCE'.