TRC values dropdown

Hi ,

Can you tell me how the TRC values dropdown is getting populated on the page.
It varies based on the view by (Biweekly / Day wise) options on the search page on Timesheet page.

OHS is rendering XML instead of the view or data

We are seeing Peoplesoft POST return xml to the user's browsers instead of the actually view or data. What could be causing this.

Search Results

Is it possible for the Search Results to display "Only the LAST 300 results can be displayed" instead of "Only the FIRST 300 results can be displayed"?

Query Manager Multi-Ethnicity Expression - Local Variable as Counter

Hello. I have just started using Case When Expressions in Query Manager, and I am trying to write an expression to assign a single "Final Ethnicity" to each student. Student ethnicity data is stored in a table with 1 row for each ethnicity. A student who reported 1 ethnicity will have one row of data. A student who reported asian, pacific, and white will have 3 rows of data.


Hi I have a scenario-If there is an non-alpha numeric character in the file name that is uploaded,an error should be thrown.Is alphanumeric is not working.Help me with a solution.

Mutliple Values For Prompts in PS Query

I'm trying to build an 'In list' prompt HRS_PERSON_ID so that users can enter multiple HRS_PERSON_ID separated by a comma. is this possible in a PS query

Modal Seconday Page

I read through the peoplebooks in which it is mentioned if we select the option "Disable Display in Modal when not launched by DoModal peopleocde" the secondary page appears as a modal page over the primary page and not in a new window.

But irrespective of selecting or deselecting the option my secondary page is always shown in a new window. I am working on PeopleTools 8.53. Please suggest.

Also note that I have used DoModal Function to call secondary page.

Trace file in Application Engine

I have not defined any trace in process definition. Also at server level no default trace is ON.However when i execute my application engine a trace file (AE_AEname_processInstance.trc) is getting generated.

How to stop the generation of file as this is impacting the performance of program?

How to skip tables without update permission and continue processing in application Engine?

I am updating some records using application engine but some records does not have update permission....because of this application engine is going to "No SUCCESS"....i want to skip all these records and update other records which has update permission...what should i do??

How to pass HR payroll data to finance?

How Can I send HR Payroll data to Finance Using IB?
Please tell in details what I need to perform and How to test data that has been moved from HR to Payroll.