Variable Comp Question

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We want to use variable comp but have a very complicated process but have an idea that may make it easier.

* We have setup our groups (using query) and that works fine.
* We have defined our Goals with Matrix to make use of the attainments and score value (works nicely).


This Is vasuda

I Want automatic sequence number generation code

please send me any one

calculate holidays in peoplesoft

how to use the table/fields to calculate holidays according the holiday-schedule from the delevered holiday_schedule table
if possibel tell me the process or assist me to write the code.


Value should not get saved


i've written peoplecode on fieldchange event where there's a field amount which should not exceed $1000.

If LOAN_TRK.AMT.Value > 1000 Then
Error ("Loan amount cannot exceed $1000");

the error message is shhoting but on save the page is storing the amount in excess of 1000.

Do i need to use DoCancel() exactly after the Error message so the the page sould not get saved with amount more then $1000 ?

Peoplecode for a Dynamic Grid

Anybody plz help me to create a Grid where Column's are Dynamic.
If a record having 20 rows for a specific field then 20 fields I want as column in a Grid.

Harish Mahanta

Set color of visited links

Does anyone know how we can set the color of the visited hyperlinks on the page. i have tried modifying the stylesheets but it didn't help. I'm sure it has got to do with stylesheets but not sure why it is not working. :-(