Gray out fields in a grid using classes using people code

Hi!Can Any One tell me how to gray out grid fields using people code.i want to use rowset,rowclasses,etc..

Here's my code.but it is graying only the first row not all rows..Can u solve this to gray out all the grid fields..

Local Rowset &Level0_rs, &Level1_rs;
Local Row &Level0_row, &Level1_row;
Local Field &Level0_fld0, &Level1_fld1, &Level1_fld2;

&Level1_rs = GetLevel0();
&Level0_row = &Level1_rs.GetRow(1);
&Level0_fld0 = &Level0_row.GetRecord(Record.ERPA_AK_CUS1).GetField(Field.ERPA_AK_ORDRSTATUS);
&Level1_rs = &Level0_row.GetRowset(Scroll.ERPA_AK_CUS31);

How to load data into Scroll ?

Hi ,

I have to load the data from a .csv file to a scroll. I have created the File layout & an App Engine program which takes care of data Import. The .csv file is in temp record. I need to read it row by row & display it in a scrollArea.

Help needed.


Can anybody help me on how to do compare reports between two different databases using peoplecode ?


Peoplecode help

Hi Folks,

I am facing a people code problem.I am telling my requirement.
In my project..
I have created 2 P&A & Manchester HRSC...
and I have assigned P&A role for PS user & Manchester HRSC for PSHC user..
and this PS user have all d access on set up page as well as transaction page...and also it allowed 2 visible all d information according 2 case type
of transaction page

But for PSHC user,only able 2 view data....for some particular case type...

for that i've written peoplecode in parent record-rowinit....


Hi ,

Can anybody help me in performing comparing between two databases using DBlink ?
Like in any 2 database i need to compare the objects(Fields,Records & so on) between 2 database & then place it in a record if any changes are found.

Selecting only the rows in grid which is currently displayed the the user

Hello Everyone,

In my grid the occurance level is 10, totally I have 100 rows , I want to select only the rows displayed in the page currently.

For example: 1 to 10 if the user in page1 here 1-10 should be selected.If the user click the next button and he is in page 4 (41-50),If he clicks the button i want to select only 41 to 50

It is simple whatever he can see currently in the page, I need to select them all

Database login ?

Hi all i am writing a peoplecode for my application. Here i need to Use PeopleCode to login to the source and target database(my local db's), issue error message if login to either of the databases fails. How to login to the db using pplcode ?

pls help !

prompt table in the peoplecode

How to put a prompt table in the people code

RowsetCache class


When is RowsetCache used? In what kind of scenarios it will be useful?




Hi all,

There is a field Trasaction_id on a page.
When page is build the transaction id should default to 'NEW' and once i click on a run button for the next subsequent build, new transaction id in sequence should replace 'NEW'. like trn001 , trn002 & so on ..

Can anybody help on this ?