Search Page record count

Hello All,
When we try to do the blank search in any peoplesoft search page, Peoplesoft returns the default 300 rows. My client requirement is to restrict it from 300 to 100. I'm using HCM Peopletool 8.47. This is very urgent. Any help is highly appreciated.

How to display more than two lines of error message

Hi all,

my requirement is display an errormessage that contains more than 3 lines of message.when i try to create an error message in mesage catalouge (message text) it is accepting only one line of message.

i have given remaining message in Explain field in message catalogue and saved .
but iam getting error message like message text and below that explanation msg

i have concatinated these two message but still iam getting in same format.

can any one help me on this issue


Is it posiible to write code for OK and Cancel buttons in secondary page

Hello Everyone,

Is it possible to wrte code for Ok and Cancel buttons which will be popped up by defaultly for the secondary page.

Thanks in advance.

PutAttachment fails on network drive

I'm having an issue with the PutAttachment in an App Engine. I can get it to work when the file is on the local drive (C:, D:), but it fails when the file I want to copy is on a network drive.

I'm doing a FileExists, so the process does find the file, and the process does end successfully with a return code of 0, but the file on the network drive doesn't get copied.

Any ideas?

Can anyone please explain me in detail about debugging process and its ways with scenario if possible

can any one explain me about how to do debugging and its uses with one scenario

Thanks in advance.....

Component Interface

Hi All!!
Can anyone help me to change the level 3 key field and ordinary field values by giving a code in FIELD CHANGE for Component Interface.

Which event will fire after EndModalComponent

I have to do some thing after a returning from a secondary page (after a EndModalComponent call) in main page. But no events are getting fired after this.Where i have to write code for this in main page....
Please help......
Thanks in advance...

App engine Issue

Is there any code or something to stop logging a file on to the process monitor when the process is success.

Thanks in advance

scroll levels

Hi ,
Can anybody please explain about scrolls,scroll levels,rows,rowsets and grid.I have seen them using in people code.But i haven't understand them .Can anybody help me in understanding these?

rows,rowsets,scroll level and grid

explain about rows,rowsets,scroll level and grid