app engine - how do i encrypt an oprid's password using app eng peoplecode

how do i encrypt an oprid's password using app eng peoplecode?
i tried: encrypt_password oprid; <<< did not work

PeopleSoft Trace

i found some info here in doing a trace: -trace 7 -toolstracepc 4044 (if you know the app engine pgm)
what if i'm trying to determine the app engine programs involved in DELETE USER PROFILE, or even all the programs.
I did some traces and i get the record people code involved but not finding whats doing all the deletes.

Issue Inserting Data

I am new to PeopleSoft dev.

I am have a test screen i am using to build this with a simple button. When I click the button i have the following code firing:

Local number &steeter;
&teeter = &aConusData [2];
WinMessage("ga ga : " | &steeter);
WinMessage("Length of array of conus extracts: " | &aConusData.Len);

The error I get is happening at the SQLExec. Here is what the writeexlocation method code is:
method WriteEXLocation

How to fetch data from compoent buffer


Can any body tell me , how to fetch data from buffer.
I fetched 4 fields on a scroll which is at level 1.
among them 2 fields are from Record 1 and 2 fields are from Record2.

and Record1.field2 is a prompt which is display control field.
and record2. field1 and field2 are related fields..which are showing the related values..

Now , I need to fetch all these four values and put in another scroll , which is also at level1.

can any body give me some clue or code about it.

Sending mail using PT_MCF_MAIL:MCFOutboundEmail();

Sending mail using PT_MCF_MAIL:MCFOutboundEmail();

We are using the following code to send a mail
import PT_MCF_MAIL:*;

Local PT_MCF_MAIL:MCFOutboundEmail &email = create PT_MCF_MAIL:MCFOutboundEmail();
&email.Recipients = "test_mail"; /*incorrect mail id*/

&email.Recipients = ""; /*incorrect domain id*/

&email.From = "";
&email.BCC = "";
&email.Subject = "Test mail";
&email.ReplyTo = "";
&email.ContentType = "text/html";

how to hide a cancel button in a DOMODEL page


I am trying to hide a cancel button in a DOMODEL page. Any one pls help me


Updating a file using a Peoplecode in Application Engine

Hi All,
Is there anyway to update a file text using an appengine.In the attachment text file,i need to erase the lines starting with "N1" and "PER" and update the number count in the line starting with "SE"(the number between the stars) and update the file.Im getting error while using Get Position and SetPosition. Any Help Appreciated..

Ashok K.

Peoplesoft HTML Area Issue

Hi All,
Im designing a page in Peoplesoft with an object HTML Area.Im able to expand the root and 1st level child nodes.When im trying to expand 1st level child im getting the child leaves along with a repeated 1st level child node as

First | Previous | Next | Last | Left | Right

Where ERPA_AK_APP_6 is the Record present in the Project ERPA_AK_AE_6.Im fetching the records from the project using "CreateSQL".Im trying so that the 1st level child node(Record) should not expand again.Please help me..

hiding row in a grid with two levels 0 and 1

Hello. I'm new to Peoplesoft and new to this community. I am trying to hide a row within a grid. I found this code on this site:Local Rowset &Level1;

&Level1 = GetLevel0()(1).GetRowset(Scroll.PERSON_ADDRESS);
For &i = 1 To &Level1.ActiveRowCount
If &AddrType <> "HOME" Then
&Level1(&i).Visible = False;

I'm confused on where to place this code. Could someone help please?


Invoking web service method from peoplesoft


I need to consume a third party web service, one its method's input parameter is a byte array. I tried lot of ways to crack this, but i couldn't make it. Can any one please suggest me how to do this?....

Thanks in advance