display "%" on the page where parent field is a number

need to display "%" when displaying number in the grid

Radio Button

There are 3 radio button attached to same field in a record. How to hide or unhide some of the radio button?

For example, group A access will show radio button 1 and 2 and group B will show radio button 2 and 3.


Change a delivered error code

Hi all,

I'm working with Tools Release 8.22.09, and Application Release HRMS Please don't laugh, we're trying to upgrade.

I'm in the delivered component for Direct Deposit, and I have a field in the record marked "Required", it's a drop down populated from xlat values, but instead of triggering the delivered error code when unselected:

Highlighted fields are required. (15,30)

It calls the error code:

Field is required: (124,64)

File layout


can any body help me in file layout structure .

My Requirement is :

On page ,I have emplid at level 0
and level 1 : phone_no and code is there

I have thsi data in a CSV file and want to upload it using application engine .

In file layout : I inserted one segment with rec1 and then inserted child segmented with rec2 but its giving me error when i m running teh respective app engine .Error:Can not insert null values. emplid insert fails"

Can any body help me in that.

How the file staructure shud be when i need data on diferent levels.

Thanks ,

PeopleSoft recruitment solutions V9


looking for a tool /code/api that allows you to upload a cv into Peoplesoft , Read Data and pre-populate application template with information read from CV .

Please advise

Sending Meeting Request from Peoplesoft


I would like to send a meeting request from peeoplecode.
I am aware of sending the .ics attachement in an email, but i would like to directly send as a meeting request instead of an attachement in email.
Let me know if there is any windows/unix command to send the meeting request by reading the parameters from the .ics file.



Can anybody help me with some worklist people code?

SQLEXEC how do i trap errors from this eg -803 on insert

How do i trap the error after a sqlexec like this one:
SQLExec(SQL.Y_PWD_MGT_SQL_INS_002_A, Y_PWD_MGT_AET.EMPLID); /* insert inactive tl */

PeopleCode calling java: no class def for dependent jars

I created a very simple java class with a method that takes one parameter, a unique id. It then finds the object in Documentum matching that ID, gets the content file from Documentum and stores it locally. The method returns the full path to the local content file. My class depends on a half dozen Documentum DFC jar files. We put my jar file and the dependent ones into %PS_HOME%/appserv/classes/ .

Object by value help

Hello i have a custom object I created and it i am trying to clone it with an identical object but it seems the object is by reference.

Here is just a sample of what I am doing to give you an idea possibly what I am looking for.

My object has one property that I can read and write to. (get set) named ID. It also has a constructor.

local myobject:myobject &oID = create myobject:myobject();

local myobject:myobject &oID2 = create myobject:myobject();