Difference between recordname.fieldname.value and recordname.fieldname?

Can someone please explain me the difference between the use of "..value" and ".". At many places I have noticed we assign/fetch the value to/from a record field using .VALUE and sometimes without that!

What is the actual concept behind this?

How to populate dynamic grid


I am working on a page having grid on level2. In grid,i am fetching the data for some fields from a table which is differ then the table in my project. but the data is updating with the time .i.e. it gives different number of rows from the database. But in my grid,
When i am clicking on (+) button to populate the grid again, it is showing me only the previous rows,not the new ones from the database and i want all the updated rows (number of rows may increase or decrease in database ).

Can anyone suggest on this plzz,

Thanks in advance.

Hiding columns on a grid.

There are two ways to hide a column on a grid. 1) Either use PeopleCd or
2) “Check” the invisible check box on the Field Use Tab, which is on Edit Box Properties for the fields contained on the grid.
Here is the question: Is one way better than another?

Thank you for any suggestions

javascript code associated with VIEW ALL / FIRST / LAST / NEXT / PREVIOUS links in a scroll area or a grid

On clicking VIEW ALL / FIRST / LAST / NEXT / PREVIOUS links in a scroll area or a grid, a javascript function with parameters of hviewall / htop / hend / hdown / hup is called respectively.
(reference :-

So can we catch hold when any of this button is clicked on the grid? Do we have any event or any other thing associated with this?

PeopleCode Query regarding Grid (Rowset concept).

I'm using PeopleSoft technology. I have a grid at level 1 and an employee role field. Now, while selecting values, I have to provide a particular role (project leader) to only one employee (resource). But, I can provide the team member role to multiple employees. The 2 roles, project leader and team member are contained in translates for the employee role field. So, I want that while values are being entered in a grid, and one employee gets allocated the project leader role, the user should not be able to select the project leader role for any other employee in the active grid.

Avoiding Data Duplication in Grid

I'm making a Project Management System. In the project, when the Project Manager wants to select a project leader and team members , he gets the name of the employees in the look-up list which is fetched from the employee master table. Now, when he selects his resource list , if he selects a particular resource as a project leader in the 1st row of the grid , he should not be able to select any other resource as project leader.
Since, there can be only 1 project leader for a particular project.

However, its okay if he selects multiple team members ..

Want to set a field as display only (or gray) while inserting values in a grid

I want to set a particular field (employee id) as display only (or gray) , basically unedittable after it's selected in a Grid .. I applied the code on the Field Edit event of that field and I'm able to set the particular field (employee id) in the 1st row as display only (when I select it from the look-up list). However, as I add the next row in the grid and select the particular field (employee id) from my look-up list, it no longer becomes display only.

Create a duplicate rowset for a new key set based on a existing key set in a 3 level rowset


I want to create a duplicate rowset for a new key set based on a existing key set in a 3 level rowset..

Level0 Record:
Key1: A1

Level1 Record:

Level2 Record:

Level3 Record:

So i want to create duplicate rowset for another level0 key B1 such that the rest of the fieldvalues in the level rowset is the same as the existing one. Like

Level0 Record:
Key1: B1

Level1 Record:

File layout Query


I am developing an AE which reads a file through file layout and inserts into a record.
The record contains 3 fields.
2 numeric fields and 1 character.
The issue while reading the file is:
Whenever there is a character value in place of numeric field, AE automatically reads it as 0 and inserts a 0 value in the number field.
I need to put a validation that if the field does not contain a number, then it should throw an error.
Please help.
Thanks a lot in advance.!

how to run CI from front end and how to call from peoplecode

when i drag ci to peoplecode...its only coming the code for some log files.
can u please give some examples and snapshots that how to run ci through peoplecode.

and one more thing i want to load data from excel file to peoplesoft through ci.....after creating the ci...only through Excel To Ci.xcl we can load the data to peoplesoft...

But i want to RUN that CI from front end to load the data from my excel it possible...Please give some example and snapshots..