How to find the delivered functions

How to find the delivered functions so that it might save a lot of time in development?

Problem in COmponent interface

Hi All,

I need your assistance regarding a problem in Component Interface.

There are two table one parent one child.

Child table has 5 fields (all keys),

When we update deptid of child table through Excel to CI, its inserting one row in Parent table and two rows in child table with same effective date. It carry forward previous deptid(child table) and inserts new deptid with same effective date. Also it keeps effective sequence as zero for both rows. Since there are two dptid with same effective date, its creating problem on dependent batch program.

Please advise. Thanks

Need to trap CR/LF characters on input to AE pgm from db staging table

Hi all!

I have an AE that is getting input from a database staging table which is populated from an external system. One of the fields is a Char(400) text field which will potentially have CR/LF characters in it. These are causing significant errors, as the AE pgm which processes the data sees the CR/LF and assumes a new record of data has been encountered.

So I find that I need to trap the CR/LF characters and handle them somehow (temporary translation?) to prevent these issues.

horizantal text in charts

I am trying to get hoeizantal text above the bar chart.
could some one help me How can we write horizantal text in charts.

component prebuild question

in self service, I navigate Self Service >>> Degree Progress/Graduation >>> My Academic Requirements

there is no user interruption....but I need to insert into a table before the component pre-build is complete and the page is displayed.
I get no insert/updates allowed in prebuild. I tried to "call app engine".....but get "sql update occured...." error.

Is there a way that I can trick the prebuild.....OR....perform my select/insert PRIOR to the prebuild firing?

thanks for any suggestions.

Issue using Dynamic Views..


I created a dynamic view as a prompt table (no edit) on a record. I am using the below rowinit peoplecode below to populate the dynamic view but I am continually seeing no values found when I click on the field prompt I am trying to populate. Can someone see anything I missed?

Thanks in advance for your assistance..
- Maria

RowInit Peoplecode:

Local string &SQLSTRING;
Local SQL &sqltext;

Function set_institution_prompt();

MD5 - SHA checksum of a file.


Does anybody now how to calculate the checksum of a file through PeopleCode ?


How to populate data into grid, click on pushbutton

Hi all,
My requirement is,
1. in a page PROCESS NAME is prompt table. if we select any one procee name.
2. insert pushbutton( when we click on it)
3.insert grid with 3 fields like OPRID,RUNCONTROL_ID, and one Checkbox.

Explanation is when we click on pushbutton based on processname those related data like oprid,runcontrol id values will populate into grid.

Now Q is prompt table is VW record
can i take WRK with 3 fields or 2 fields like oprid, run id.
what code i write in pushbutton.
i am new from peoplesoft..

please help me any one knows..

Problem viewing files that were saved as Attachments using PSoft functions


I was able to apply the code delivered in FILE_ATTACH_WRK to send an attachment to our server, and also to retrieve (view) the file. But something is happening to the files when I return them from the server to view them. For example, I saved a text file, but when I pull the file back to view it appears that all the carriage returns have been removed. A file saved like this....

-- Script : delete_bad_referral.sql
-- 01/10/2011 rjm
-- Return failure code when program does not complete successfully
whenever sqlerror exit failure;
whenever oserror exit failure;

Function to return a date 'X' number of business days forward

Can anyone tell me what's wrong with this function please?

/*Function to return a date a specified number business days from an input date */
Function getBusinessDays(&inputDate, &numDays) Returns date
/* Date variable to hold future date to be returned */
Local date &futureDate;

/* SQL Statement to return future date */