How to get SPEEDCHART_KEY on Voucher Line process through CSV upload

I am loading Voucher/Invoice informatoin from CSV file to Voucher Staging tables. The load works fine, the client asked for new requirement to add the SPEEDCHART_KEY which is located on the VCHR_LINE_STG record. I see that it's loading to the table but when the voucher build process runs it omits it from the voucher_line. I believe the voucher_line.SPEEDCHART_KEY has FieldFormula peoplecode behind it...etc

Is there a way to make the SPEEDCHART_KEY remain on the voucher line?


How do I exclude the header row when reading in inbound file

I have inbound csv file using filelayout but without the AE auto generated code. How do I skip the header row?

&INPUT = GetFile(&FILE_DIRECTORY | &FileName, "R", %FilePath_Absolute);
/*check if file is open*/
If &INPUT.IsOpen Then
If &INPUT.SetFileLayout(FileLayout.INBOUND_FL) Then
/*read line into &STRING*/
While &INPUT.ReadLine(&STRING);
&ARRAY = Split(&STRING, ",");
&i = 0;
For &i = 1 To &ARRAY.Len
&REC.GetField(&i).Value = RTrim(LTrim(&ARRAY [&i]));

Consuming Sync Web Service Using Application Engine

Does anyone have a example of code used to consume a message using App Engine?

I have spent a ton of time looking high and low for a good example. I am a 15 year psoft guy, back to 7.5. But, web services are new to me.

Current Financials environment is 9.1 tools 8.51. I searched all App Eng pcode for 'OnRequestSend' and only came back with two hits. (PTCPBKPT - and - PTIBBACKPORT). Neither are very intuitive.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Saving records

Hi - I am relatively new to PeopleSoft / PeopleCode but have an extensive background in other systems.

I am building a bolt-on module to our PeopleSoft system that will handle Car Allowance claims.

The page I am currently having issues with has a grid where employees will enter their claim details. They will be allowed to enter the months details whenever. Entering a few details, saving (using a 'SAVE' button), then coming back a day or so later and entering more, etc. These details are saved to a 'CA_Details' table.

To describe the page:
across the top: EMPLID - MONTH - YEAR

How to attach the output generated by sqr to sendmail functin

Hi All,

Can you help me by giving the solution to

How to attach the output generated by sqr to sendmail functin in application engine with the latest process instance.

Send attachment through generic template

Can some one tell me how to send an attachment through the generic template?

I have an app engine program. In step 2 it creates an output file and in step 3 i want send this file using generic template. Also the file created in step 2 is located at %FilePath_Relative. So it should be picked up from
%FilePath_Relative and send as attachment in the generic mail.
Would appreciate if peoplecode is provided.
I can be reached at

Thanks in advance.

How to use user session to get user id

I am trying to assign the emailid of the user logged in to a value in my peoplecode for DirectConnect. Is there a function to get the current user that's signed in? %userid...etc so that I may use similar to this:

PeopleCode Reference to Invalid Record or Field in SYSAUDIT

Record peoplecode in two fields were added in upgrade tab of a project but later these fields were replaced by new fields.This project was migrated to higher environments without deleting the two peoplecode.Hence during a sysaudit in an higher environment it showed "PeopleCode Reference to Invalid Record or Field".

Now the solution suggested was to change the action for the peoplecode to "Delete" and then migrate it so that it would get reflected in higher environments but we deleted the two peoplecodes from the project and saved it.

Approval Workflow Engine : How to CC for all the email notifications

Hi All -

Requirement is to send email(CC) to admin for all the email notifications sent to employees using AWE.
Can any one please let me know how to achieve this object. Do I need to modify the code to write peoplecode logic or can this be achieved using setup?

Thanks in Advance

Suggest an approach to add two fields in a delivered subpage.

Suggest an approach to add two fields in a delivered subpage.
> This subpage is used in 6 different pages.
> I want this change (two new fields) in only one page and not in other pages.