TRC values dropdown

Hi ,

Can you tell me how the TRC values dropdown is getting populated on the page.
It varies based on the view by (Biweekly / Day wise) options on the search page on Timesheet page.

how to find missing sequence in GRID and print the mising sequence number while saving through peoplecode

Hi all,

I created one page that is having one GRID. if I delete some rows from my GRID then it should check the missing sequence number in GRID and populate the message box upon saving.
can anyone help me on this?

Populate Multiple Grids on a same Page with diff output based on conditions.

Hi To Populate Multiple Grids from one main record
Two Grids are on a same page with a same main record and different page field name.
I would like to populate two grids independently from one record based on conditions, but not sure on how we can distinguish between grid names.
I under GetGrid, but how we can write under IF condition.
The outcome of below code is it's populating both grids based on the last rowset result and not by specific Grid

Below is my code under field Change.

Local Rowset &Level0wk, &Level0wk1, &firstGrid_RS, &SecondGrid_RS;

Auto assign Sequence number based on another Key field

My Requirement goes like this.

In a page, in Level2 scroll. I need to autoassign my sequence number field, based on another key field.

Field 1 is - RV Seq Number
Field 2 is - SEQNUM

User may enter value in RV Seq Number,and respectively SEQNUM should be autoassigned.

For EG :

If User enters in one row .

RV Seq Number SEQNUM
001 1
001 2
001 3
002 1
002 2

How to skip tables without update permission and continue processing in application Engine?

I am updating some records using application engine but some records does not have update permission....because of this application engine is going to "No SUCCESS"....i want to skip all these records and update other records which has update permission...what should i do??

Issue with SELECT method to populate data in scroll


I have to fetch data from 3 records and put it in grid in Level1.
I tried to create a view that has the sql to select from 3 tables using UNION. But the issue is I need to pass a parameter dynamically to the view.

How can I achieve this?

Calling Java Class in PeopleCode

I was getting this error code :

Java Exception: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: image: finding class image (2,725) SAG_BPJS_AE.MAIN.GBL.default.1900-01-01.Step04.OnExecute PCPC:119 Statement:2

when I try to run these code :

Local string &St_path_l = "CreatedFromPeopleSoft.xls";
Local JavaObject &Obj_class_l = CreateJavaObject("image");

note : image is a Java class ( that I stored in PSHOME\class

Help me please, thanks..



I have created a PSQUERY with same name on different databases (fin91 and fin92) with different criteria.So suppose if i run psquery 'X' in database 'FIN91' the result will give 8 and if i run psquery 'X' in database 'FIN92' the result will give 100.

Using 'RUNTOFILE' command i am able to get the result of database FIN92 into a file.But how to get the result of database FIN91 into a file using 'runtofile' command?

Please give me sample peoplecode for this.

Note: Dblink is created but not getting how to use it in 'RUNTOFILE' command.

Please help


AE PeopleCode FileLayout

I am using the automatic AE Peoplecode generated with File Layout. I need to add a function to check the Date field because the layout is expecting MM/DD/YYYY but sometimes, the date is M/D/YYYY.

In the ImportSegment fuction, after statement "If (EditRecord(&REC2)) Then"

I added the following:

Evaluate &REC2.GetField(&I).Type
When = "DATE"
If &REC2.GetField(&I).Name = "COVERAGE_BEGIN_DT" Then
MessageBox(0, "", 0, 0, " **** Field Type = " | &REC2.GetField(&I).Name | "**** ");

Vouchers not being picked up by PayCycle

I have a custom process that creates single payment vouchers from a csv file. The load to the voucher staging tables ( PS_VCHR_HDR_STG, PS_VCHR_LINE_STG, PS_VCHR_DIST_STG, PS_VCHR_VNDR_STG) load with no problem. When the PayCycle Selection Criteria is ran it doesn't pick up any of the records.

I have verified the following:

The bank information is correct
Vendor not on payment hold
Voucher not on hold or inactive
Voucher is approved