how to open multiple page tabs of similar page based on the selection of rows in grid area.

By selection of rows in grid area i need to populate secondary page in multiple tabs, all tabs need to open the same secondary page but needs to be different values in the fields based on the selected row key field.


Scroll and Grid


I have a scroll and grid both at the same level and they are both using the same record.
Now there are 2 fields in the record A and B.

Field A has multiple values (let say value for field is Cat)
Field B has different values (value for field B is all different kinds of cats)

What i am trying to do is that CAT comes on top and all the different type of cats come in the grid)

any one can help

File Object Scope - i declare it as global but second section fails, can i do this

Can i do this?
i declare a global thinking it would be valid for all of the program, but it fails:

Global File &LogFileA05;
Global File &LogFileA10;

/***** Set the Log File *****/
&LogFileA05 = GetFile("C:\temp\DELETE_USER_PROFILE_A05.log", "w", "a", %FilePath_Absolute);
&LogFileA05.WriteLine("Begin: " | %Datetime);
&LogFileA10 = GetFile("C:\temp\DELETE_USER_PROFILE_A10.log", "w", "a", %FilePath_Absolute);
&LogFileA10.WriteLine("Begin: " | %Datetime);

writeln in later section fails

Difference between do save() and do save now() functions in peoplecode

Hi all,

Can any one explain me the diffrence between do save and do save now functions in people code with example.

Thanks in advance

regarding the search page.

I am having a question on the getting search page which is as follows,
when I click on my component, it opens search rows in the search page , when the user clicks on the rows in the serach page, depending on the a field in the row, it transfer to the other page in other component due to the transfer function written in the peoplecode. From here, Is it possible to come back again to my orignal search page.

Problem while calulating aggregate using relative display fields

im having 4 fields in a is display control,one is relative control,one is derived record field,another is level1 record field.
when im trying to calculate aggregate sum,while inserting it is giving correct sum.but while deleting it is giving the sum without reducing previous deleted row value.Moreover when we edit a field which looks its value from another table,there is no effect in the sum.

My task is to calculate aggregate sum in a grid.
The field are
ERPA_AK_ITEM--it looks the item names from another is display control field.

file layout error handling

I need to create a Rejected File that contains the data rejected by the File LAyout during inbound using AE. The File Layout writes the rejected data into the Log file, but do not write the error field data.
ex: For wrong date format, it writes into the log file all the data in the row except the error data (date in this case) specifying that there is an error in the date. I need to put the date also in the rejected file.
Also i need to prefix 'R' for each row in the rejected file(FileLayout has child segments). (Doesn't workout for child rows.).