Application Package

Object by value help

Hello i have a custom object I created and it i am trying to clone it with an identical object but it seems the object is by reference.

Here is just a sample of what I am doing to give you an idea possibly what I am looking for.

My object has one property that I can read and write to. (get set) named ID. It also has a constructor.

local myobject:myobject &oID = create myobject:myobject();

local myobject:myobject &oID2 = create myobject:myobject();


Issue Inserting Data

I am new to PeopleSoft dev.

I am have a test screen i am using to build this with a simple button. When I click the button i have the following code firing:

Local number &steeter;
&teeter = &aConusData [2];
WinMessage("ga ga : " | &steeter);
WinMessage("Length of array of conus extracts: " | &aConusData.Len);

The error I get is happening at the SQLExec. Here is what the writeexlocation method code is:
method WriteEXLocation