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Read XML data into PS record using File Layout/App Engine Peoplecode


I am reading an XML file using a file layout

I need to insert the data coming in this file into a PS staging record, the tag structure in the XML file has been mapped to the file layout which uses this staging record. However, I fail to understand how to proceed for fetching the data and inserting using App Engine peoplecode. In case of a CSV file, we split the data and pass it into an array for processing, but I am not really sure on what needs to be done on this case, any inputs on this would be of great help


Leading Zeros Issue in CSV/Excel formatterd reports

If you use APP ENGINE to report the data from the temp table /staging table on to CSV file using excel format, there is a known issue with fields that have leading zeros. For ex:You have a field of length 6 characters. If the field value is 002123, the excel file removes the leading zeros. But if the requirement is to preserve those leading zeros, we can do something like this.
Update the temp table right before you write out into a file.

Update %Table(Temp_Stg) A
Set A.Field = (Select '"='||A1.Field||'"' from %Table(Temp_Stg) A1 where A1.Keyfield = A.Keyfield)