Get Table Sizes in your Schema

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If you want to see how much space your tables are taking in the database, log in to the shcema and execute this SQL.

SELECT   segment_name table_name, MAX (tablespace_name) tablespace_name,
         SUM (BYTES) / (1024 * 1024) table_size_mb
    FROM user_extents
   WHERE segment_name IN (SELECT tname
                            FROM tab
                           WHERE tabtype = 'TABLE')
GROUP BY segment_name
ORDER BY tablespace_name

The Above query tells you the table name, the table space it is residing in and the size in MB.



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Re: Get Table Sizes in your Schema

To add to this, you can alter your current schema by using:

ALTER session SET current_schema = new-schema;

Also, if you want to avoid the schema thing all together, just replace the user_extents table with dba_extents table. You do however need to limit your where clause to go after specific OWNER or your SQL will take tremendous amount of time to execute.

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