Component Permission List Query

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An SQL that will identify permission lists along with permission lists description assigned to a specific component.

SELECT   menu.menuname, compdfn.pnlgrpname, auth.classid permission_list,
         CLASS.classdefndesc permission_desc
    FROM psauthitem auth,
         psmenudefn menu,
         psmenuitem menuitm,
         pspnlgroup comp,
         pspnlgrpdefn compdfn,
         psclassdefn CLASS
   WHERE menu.menuname = menuitm.menuname
     AND menuitm.pnlgrpname = comp.pnlgrpname
     AND compdfn.pnlgrpname = comp.pnlgrpname
     AND compdfn.pnlgrpname LIKE UPPER (:component_name)
     AND auth.menuname = menu.menuname
     AND auth.barname = menuitm.barname
     AND auth.baritemname = menuitm.itemname
     AND auth.pnlitemname = comp.itemname
     AND auth.classid = CLASS.classid
GROUP BY menu.menuname, compdfn.pnlgrpname, auth.classid, CLASS.classdefndesc
ORDER BY menu.menuname, compdfn.pnlgrpname, permission_list;

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Re: Component Permission List Query

Thanks for the query. This really helped me out.