Get Table Columns

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Oracle's all_tab_columns table stores meta data information related to table columns. The SQL below will return all columns as well as column order Id for a specific table and owner. In our example, we will be looking at table EMLOYEES and owner HR.

 SELECT column_name,
  data_type        ,
   FROM all_tab_columns
  WHERE owner  = 'HR'
AND table_name = 'EMPLOYEES';


---------------- ----------  ---------
EMPLOYEE_ID      NUMBER      1        
FIRST_NAME       VARCHAR2    2        
LAST_NAME        VARCHAR2    3        
EMAIL            VARCHAR2    4        
PHONE_NUMBER     VARCHAR2    5        
HIRE_DATE        DATE        6        
JOB_ID           VARCHAR2    7        
SALARY           NUMBER      8        
COMMISSION_PCT   NUMBER      9        
MANAGER_ID       NUMBER      10      

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Re: Get Table Columns

Try this command

DESC <Table Name>;

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Re: Get Table Columns

You are right about the DESC command but this isn't the purpose behind the SQL in the post. The purpose is not to only list the columns BUT to get the actual column names and do something with them. Example would be to dynamically insert column names into your code :)

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