Scheduling a Process in PeopleCode

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Here is a great example of how to schedule a process and email the results from within PeopleCode. You can do this within an App Engine Program or even by placing a push button with FieldChange peoplecode.

Local ProcessRequest &RQST;
Local string &Subject;
Local string &Text;

&Subject = "Subject of Email";
&Text = "This text will be displayed as the text of this email ";
&RQST = CreateProcessRequest();
&RQST.ProcessName = "PROCESSNAME";
&RQST.RunLocation = "PSNT";
&RQST.ProcessType = "SQR";
&RQST.OutDestType = "Email";
&RQST.OutDestFormat = "PDF";
&RQST.OutDest = "User : PS,Role : PeopleSoft User";
&RQST.EmailSubject = &Subject;
&RQST.EmailText = &Text;
&RQST.EmailAttachLog = False;

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Jack (not verified)
Re: Scheduling a Process in PeopleCode

But here how can I be sure of the FROM email ID which is being sent to User : PS,Role : PeopleSoft User ? I want to know how to control the FROM email address.

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Guest (not verified)
Re: Scheduling a Process in PeopleCode

Did You figure out how to do it ?

I am facing same issue.

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Re: Scheduling a Process in PeopleCode

Is there a way to access the output file generated post completion of the process and sent it as an attachment over an email?