Run an SQR From a PeopleSoft Application Engine

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Here is a good sample of how to launch an SQR from within PeopleCode. You can use the peoplecode function called “ScheduleProcess”. Here is the example:

&PROCESS_TYPE = "SQR Report"; (or "SQR Process")

If &RC != 0 /*"1" = client "2" = server*/
Winmessage("Error: Error Scheduling SQR Process, RC = " | &RUN_CONTROL);

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Kindly help me with this,we are facing this acute problem where the client wants to print the Pension Adjustement .This value is based on some calculations in the TAX104CN sqr.Can anybody please suggest how do i calculate it or share your experience in case somebody ahs come across PA???

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You can store fatched value in variable and after that you can write expression for your pension adjustement.