Identify Records Behind a Page and Subpage

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Use the following query to get records behind not only the page but sub-pages on a page.

WITH my_data AS
     (SELECT   subpnlname
          FROM pspnlfield
         WHERE pnlname = :1 AND subpnlname <> ' '
      GROUP BY subpnlname)
SELECT   recname
    FROM pspnlfield, my_data
   WHERE pnlname = :1 OR pnlname = my_data.subpnlname
GROUP BY recname;

Same query as above but written differently (suggested by a colleague of mine):
SELECT   recname
    FROM pspnlfield a
   WHERE pnlname = :1
      OR EXISTS (
            SELECT 'x'
                FROM pspnlfield b
               WHERE pnlname = :1
                 AND subpnlname <> ' '
                 AND a.pnlname = b.subpnlname)
GROUP BY recname;

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Re: Identify Records Behind a Page and Subpage

This Query has helped me a lost...thanks

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Re: Identify Records Behind a Page and Subpage

The given queries only work for one subpanel level deep. If you want it to recurse and provide as many subpanels as possible, you can use the following (Oracle Syntax) SQL:

SELECT recname
FROM pspnlfield
WHERE recname<>' '
START WITH pnlname = :1
CONNECT BY PRIOR subpnlname = pnlname and PRIOR fieldtype=11
group by recname;