Generic Scroll PeopleCode

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We always find it confusing to write code for Scrolls. Following is generic peoplecode which you can use for pages having parent child relationships (scrolls).

Just replace the record and field for respective level.

&rs_level0 = GetLevel0();

&level0fieldvalue = &rs_level0.(1).Level0_Record.Level0_field.Value ;

&row_level0 = &rs_level0.GetRow(1);
&rs_level1 = &row_level0.GetRowset(Scroll.Level1_Record);
For &J = 1 To &rs_level1.RowCount

   &level1fieldvalue = &rs_level1.GetRow(&J).Level1_Record.Level1_field.Value
   &row_level1 = &rs_level1.GetRow(&J);
   &rs_level2 = &row_level1.GetRowset(Scroll.Level2_Record);
    For &L = 1 To &rs_level2.RowCount
    &level2fieldvalue = &rs_level2.GetRow(&L).Level2_Record.Level2_field.Value

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Re: Generic Scroll PeopleCode

extremely helpful!

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Re: Generic Scroll PeopleCode


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Re: Generic Scroll PeopleCode

can ayone also post the code to traverse to level 1 from level 3