PeopleCode SearchSave Event

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SearchSave PeopleCode is performed after the user clicks the Search button or the Add button on the search page.

  • User SearchSave to validate values entered in the search page fields.
  • Place SearchSave PeopleCode on search key fields or alternate search key fields on a search record or component search record.
  • User Error and Warning statement to validate search page fields.

Here is an example of a SearchSave PeopleCode event:

rem No spaces allowed in User Id
rem also do not allow the userid of PPLSOFT
if %Mode = "A" Then
&find = Find(" ", PSOPRDEFN_SRCH.OPRID);
if &find > 0 Then
Error MsgGet(48, 54, "Message not found.");
Error MsgGet(48, 235, "Message not found.");

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