Get Records on a Component

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An SQL that goes against a specific component and bring back ALL related records.

SELECT   recname
    FROM pspnlgroup a, pspnlfield b
   WHERE (a.pnlname = b.pnlname OR a.pnlname = b.subpnlname)
     AND a.pnlgrpname = :component_name
GROUP BY recname

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Re: Get Records on a Component

This SQL is very useful.

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Hi All,

I want to get the list of all components ,corresponding records,pages,fields, People Code Events in a query or else is there any way to find it out

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Re: Hi All,

u can use this query to get the above result
select * from PSPROJECTITEM where projectname='project name';

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Re: Get Records on a Component

PSPROJECTITEM record will capture the objects present in the project only.

If you want to get the list of components, pages, rec, fields then you need to refer differernt tables. I am listing that below

SELECT * FROM PSPNLGROUP ; /* All the Components */

SELECT * FROM PSRECDEFN; /*All the records and views*/

SELECT * FROM PSPNLFIELD WHERE PNLNAME = 'H_HR_CHNG_ASGMNT'; /* Covers record and field associated in a page */