Defining PeopleCode Events

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Every PeopleCode program is associated with a PeopleSoft Application Designer definition and with an event. Events are predefined exit points in the component processor flow. As each point is encountered, the event runs PeopleCode for that event each definition.

The below is an attempt to map the 17 Component Processor PeopleCode events to the Component Process Flow:

Search Action Events:
SearchInit, SearchSave

Component Build and Page Display Events:
RowSelect, PreBuild, FieldDefault, FieldFormula, RowInit, PostBuild, Activate

Field Action Events:
FieldEdit, FieldChange

Row Action Events:
RowInsert, RowDelete

Save Action Events:
SaveEdit, SavePrechange, WorkFlow, SavePostChange

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Re: Defining PeopleCode Events

Have a look at this document to understand when events spring into action and how many events there are.

Hope it helps.