Debugging Functionality in Peoplesoft

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Open Configuration Manager -> Profile ->Create.
• Select Connection Type as Application Server.
• Enter Application Server Name
• Machine Name or IP Address should be your machine IP address on which application server domain resides.
• Port Number should be WSL port number.

Turn on Debugger Service. Bring the following changes in your PSAPPSRV.CFG file
Location: \\PS_HOME\appserv\DomainName\
..[People Code Debugger]
PSDBGSRV Listener Port=15000
; Settings for PSAPPSRV

; UBBGEN settings
Min Instances=2 Give >= 2
Max Instances=2
Service Timeout=0 Give >= 2
Go to PSADMIN -> Quick Configuration. Check whether the PC Debugger feature is enabled or not. Make it yes, and start the application server domain.
PC Debugger should be set to yes.

• Login into Application Designer and PIA with same User ID
Go To Application DesignerDebugSelect PeopleCode Debugger Mode

Press ctrl+F9 to set the Break Points
Press F5 to run the execution of program

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Anoop Savio (not verified)
Re: Debugging Functionality in Peoplesoft


Thanks for the help !


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Re: Debugging Functionality in Peoplesoft

Thanks changing the port from 9500 worked. Prior to this change I would see the debug process doing startup then look at server status and its not there...
This was my 1st env so there should not have been any conflict...dont know :( but I've tried starting additional domains, changing port each time and they start sucessfully. Thx