Changing the PeopleSoft Logo

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Changing the PeopleSoft Logo
Hi Guys this is the post i found out on net.hope will help someone.
And if some1 has any tricks or techniques ,please keep posting here..........

You can change the PeopleSoft Logo either very easily or very complicated, depending on how much you want to do. The following is appropriate to Tools 8.44, but is similar in most other 8 series versions.
(1) The PeopleSoft logo is delivered as an application designer IMAGE object called NEW_PS_LOGO, and is sized at 145 pixels wide and 41 pixels tall. The easiest thing to do is to design your new logo to match this size (you don’t have to stretch it out… you can add white space around the edges to get it to the proper size!), open the existing image in Application Designer, and update the image by using the Edit/Update Image menu item. Please note that this will overwrite the old logo, but this is the quick and dirty method if the size is the same and if you don’t mind overwriting the delivered object. You might need to drop your web and app server cache to finalize this.
(2) Let’s build on the above. You have a logo image the same size as the delivered logo, but change control concerns prevent you from overwriting the delivered image file. Save that logo as a new name, something like “COMPANY_LOGO”. Now, open the Application Package object PT_BRANDING, and go to the BrandingBase application class. Do a search on “NEW_PS_LOGO”, and find those entries (there are a couple). Change these to the name of your new logo. This will have PeopleSoft point to your image object instead of the delivered one.
(3)Let’s say you want to modify the size of the logo. The sizing is contained in the HTML objects that build the page, which are referenced in BrandingBase. These are PORTAL_UNI_HEADER_NNS and PORTAL_UNI_HEADER_NEW… there may be others too. The size of the graphic is hard-coded in this HTML. Now, I’ve never bothered changing the size, so there are no guarantees here. Experiment with this carefully, but one of the first two methods should work fine for you.

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