PeopleSoft XML Publisher - Report Development

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PeopleSoft XML Publisher

This article explains how to create XML Publisher also called BI Publisher reports in PeopleSoft. XML Publisher is the only Reporting platform in the Fusion Application. Before we talk about how to create an XML Publisher report in PeopleSoft, I would like to give a brief overview.


XML Publisher consists of the following components:
• Data Source
• Template
• XML Publisher Engine
• Report

Data source can be defined using in the following forms:
1. PS Query
2. Rowset
3. XML File
4. XMLDoc Object
Report template can be created using MS Word. A plug-in for MS Word can be downloaded from Oracle’s website or PeopleSoft application.
XML Publisher Engine takes data source and template and creates a report.

Steps to create XML Publisher Report:

Step 1 – Data Source:

Go to Reporting Tools  XML Publisher  Setup  Data Source. Add a new Data Source. Select either PS Query or Rowset.
If you selected PS Query, first create a Query that you wish to use in your report. Youc can click on ‘Generate’ button to create Sample XML file to be used in report template. Save XML file on your PC.
If you wish to use Rowset then write an Application Engine program that writes Rowset in the form of XML data and XSD schema. Use functions GetXMLData and GetXSDSchema to generate XML file and XSD file for rowset.

Step 2 – Report Template

Let’s create an RTF template using XML file that you created in step 1.
Open MS Word after you have installed the plug-in. You will notice that there are five new buttons. Click on the first button i.e. Data and Load XML file that you created in step 1. Now your sample data is loaded in the template. You can format your report and test it using the loaded data. Save the template.

Step 3 – Report Definition

You are ready to create report definition.
Go to Reporting Tools  XML Publisher  Setup  Report Definition and add a value. Specify the report name, data source type and data source name. There are five tabs in Report Definition.
1. Definition – Specify description and category of report.
2. Template – Upload the template file created in Step 2.
3. Output – Specify the output report format and set a default format.
4. Security – Specify the Role or User who should have access to the report.
5. Bursting – Specify the criteria if you need to burst the report. Leave it blank if bursting is not needed.
Save the report definition.

Step 4 – Process Definition

Write a small Application Engine program that runs the above report definition. Now create a new process definition that runs this Application Engine process.
Your first XML Publisher report is ready. Remember the output of XML Publisher report does not go to Process Monitor. In order to see the report, you need to go to Report Manager.

Go to for more help.

Try it out and email me if you have any questions

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Re: PeopleSoft XML Publisher - Report Development


Can any one please tell me, in which table XMLP templates are getting stored?

Thanks in advance

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Re: PeopleSoft XML Publisher - Report Development


The XML Publisher Report Data is stored in PSXPRPTDEFN.

Where as the Template related data can be obtained through PSXPRPTTMPL_VW view. There are two tables related to Templates.
PSXPRPTTMPL -- Stores the Template Information
PSXPTMPLDEFN -- Stores the Template Definition
TMPLDEFN_ID is the common key accross the two tables to join.



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Re: PeopleSoft XML Publisher - Report Development


"Write a small Application Engine program that runs the above report definition."

1) Does anyone has a example Application Engine for me?

2) Do you still use Run Control pages to launch XML publisher reports so that the parameters can be reused or not?

Kind regards, Bart