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Worklist not updating properly

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Hi compshack,

how u doing? long time!

I'm facing an issue in the worklist page

After submitting a transfer request, the workflow is routed correctly to the approver via. AWE.

Email notifications are getting triggered properly but a weird thing is happening when it comes to the worklist part

PSWORKLIST table shows a row containing the details of the request with the INSTSTATUS value as '0', but nothing is getting displayed for the particular request in the worklist page!

The corresponding workflow table for the transaction is PS_PTFAW_WL which also contains the needed data

Other transaction requests like Adhoc Salary Change are getting displayed correctly in the worklist of the same manager user id, so I don't think this could be a role/security issue

I believe the transaction request will get hidden once it gets approved or when the 'Mark as worked' button is clicked upon, the INSTSTATUS will become '2' in such a case. Not sure why it is getting hidden in my case though, running out of ideas on this, please help me out on this one!


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Re: Worklist not updating properly

Sounds like a route control profile issue. To troubleshoot this, navigate to PeopleTools >> Workflow >> Routings & Roles >> Review Role Users. Enter Role Name, Route Control Type, and Value 1 (route control profile) and see if the list of users that comes back matches what you expect.

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Re: Worklist not updating properly

Also check on user profile page tht user is a worklist user or not?