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Wierd error with report

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One of the user is trying to run a report (basically a crystal report which is run via REN server), a new window pops up. Initially it says processing and after sometime it displays the login page in the new window and shows the message You are not authorized to view the report(s). Any idea what could be wrong?



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Starting the report using IScript?

Hey Ashar,
Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. I really don't have much experience with Crystal Reports but are you calling the report from within peoplesoft, like are you using an IScript to do that? I'm sure you probably have done this already but have you tried with a different user id?

If you are trying to run the report from peoplelsoft, have you tired running it directly from the crystal sever just to make sure that the report works?

Sorry, I know I wasn't much of a help but let me know if there is something I can help with and good luck!

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Report not distributed

The Report Process is kicked off from the PeopleCode written on the field change of a button. Its run via REN server. When the user clicks the button, it actually pops up the new window for the report but once the report is posted successfully the new window shows the login page with a message "You are not authorized to view the report(s)." below the Log In button. If I login with my id and see the process monitor, the reports are actually posted and i'm able to view it. When I checked the PS_CDM_AUTH table, I found that it is not distributed to the person who ran the report.

The strange thing here is that the same piece of code when triggered from another place created the report and the user is able to view it.

Anyway I did a workaround code to distribute the report to the user who runs it and i'm good to go. :-)

Thanks for your reply.

Have a nice day..


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Re: Report not distributed

Hi Ashar,

Could you help me understand what you have done to run the report through renserver...I am actually working on a requirement which on the click of the save button has to run a crystal report through the ren server...Could you breif me about the steps that are to be performed ...


Vamsi Krishna