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Where are the SQL Objects kept in Maintenance Pack?

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A new Record View is delivered by PeopleSoft.
Where can you find the SQL object that is associated to that new view and how is it applied?

Applying MP6 to 8.9 (from file - not project migration) and we get an error in the SQL Build Process that reads as follows

Error: ASSIGNMENT_SRCH - SQL view has not been defined for this record. Record skipped. (76,32)

At that point the record existed in the environment and the radio button defined it as SQL View but when we opened up the SQL Editor no SQL existed. Once we pasted it in from Demo we were able to get passed this error.


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Re: Where are the SQL Objects kept in Maintenance Pack?

I'm the wrong person to answer such a question, sounds like a PS Admin question to me. I will try to contact a friend of mine to help out on this one. I can tell you where the SQL is stored in the database but not in the maintenance pack. I will get back to you as soon as I get an answer!

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Re: Where are the SQL Objects kept in Maintenance Pack?

Our issue begins with - We are applying Mulitple Maintenance Packs (6 thru 9). Did this in one environment loading files. Then created a project for Retrofits.

We attempted to do the same in another environment (as a pre test to production) using the same method (files - not by project). It appears that there is an XML file which sets the upgrade flags that I suppose changes as you go through the Change Assistant. So when we went to do this a second time using the same files the upgrade flags were not set correctly since the XML had changed from the original version.

We are attemping this again but this time we will go back to use the original XML version to see if this corrects our issues we had on the second attempt.

In short
1. Refreshed environment from Production. We applied MPs (one at a time) using Files to first environment. Some errors as normal but got to a clean SYS and DDD audit. After all MPs were applied we then did retrofits (saving these to a project. Went through a complete test and all was good.
2. Went to the next environment. Refreshed it from production. Applied MP6 from files but received different erros and some objects did not appear to come over correctly. Realized two things the upgrade flags were different and the XML file which sets the upgrade flags was much smaller then the original.

Hope this makes some sense ...
I'll let you know if this turns out better.