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Want some insight into Web Service Creation

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Can anyone give me some insight of how can we create a Web Service...Some scenarios where we use that...even a basic example is fine...Thanks.

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Integration Broker, XML Publisher, & Workflow

Hey Michael, welcome to the site!

This is on my "to do" list, you basically want to know more about Integration Broker, correct? Integration Broker is the heart of
PeopleSoft web services technology. Here is what Peoplesoft says about it:

The Integration Broker is a web services “hub” which publishes and subscribes both synchronous and asynchronous services between mul-tiple systems. It provides XSLT support for message transformation. It supports XML, SOAP, UDDI, MQSeries, and Java. PeopleSoft’s portal can both invoke web services (for example, retrieving information from UDDI) and act as one or more web services which provide a uniquely flexible solution that is easy to manage and maintainable in the longterm. Your benefits: reduced cost of integrating the portal with other applications; increased developer productivity; and unified business processes.

You can get a head start reading the PeopleSoft Intergration Broker book. Also, other items on the To Do list is XML Publisher and Workflow.

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