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Variable Comp Question

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Great Site -

We want to use variable comp but have a very complicated process but have an idea that may make it easier.

* We have setup our groups (using query) and that works fine.
* We have defined our Goals with Matrix to make use of the attainments and score value (works nicely).
* However, our pay formaula is super complex - too complex to define in the delivered pay formula. So we have an sqr process that makes use of the matrix and score to calculate the payout and store it in a custom table. We want to point the pay formula to simply use the custom record and field for the payout.
* We have modified the VC_VALREC_VW to allow us to select the record and field in pay formula.
* But it is apparently not being recognized in the App Engine Process. Would anyone know where/if I need to modify the app engine to recognize this record and field - is it the VC_CALWRD_WG or VC_DET_ALLOC?


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Re: Variable Comp Question

What is the existing code where you want to use this view..?