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Using Exec function to list files in a directory on UNIX and copying them into a file

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Hi All,
I have a requirement where in I need to list all files in a directory on Unix server to be displayed to the peoplesoft user online.The user select the Server(NT or UNIX) and directory name from where he wants to view the file .
I am using the EXEC function to list the files from the directory and then moving them to a file. I will read the file through a application engine process and then move the contents to a record which i will display to the user on the grid.

Please let me know how should I pass the parameters in the function and also how the path should be written to be passed to a shell script.

2.Also I am relatively new to UNIX shell scripting.SO kindly help me with the commands on how to move the listed files from directory to a new file at a certain path.

Thanks in Advance for your replies.